Nik Peyman Daran Avae Amin Brand

Neek Peyman Daran Avae Amin

The company is engaged in the import of specialized raw materials for the food industry. Due to the increasing progress of science and technology in order to meet the needs of food industry producers, it expands its import range and every day new products are added to the list of applied and basic products of this company in order to improve the quality of the final product. Now, with the help of the specialized and technical department of the company, as well as the trust of the customers of Nik Peyman Daran Avae Amin Company, it has achieved a high position in the field of importing food raw materials and is the owner of the famous Iomix brand in this field. Nik Peyman Daran Avae Amin Company has established a link between the European food industry and the internal food industry.