Emranian Company has its roots in multiple sectors, including financial resources and investments, international supply chain management of chemical and food ingredients, human resource training, and Charity activities.

Although all businesses we hold shares are distinguished by a transparent focus and arranged by precise management and personnel structure individually. On the side of the joint strength of our cluster of companies, these characteristics have contributed considerably like members of a family to the very fact that the companies were ready to develop their potential and evolve successfully.

Based on our experience and traditionally learned, we tend to invest in Start-up companies and teams that have believed that interaction and mutual understanding paves the way towards the growth of all. In return, all of the companies we hold shares can rely on us to support their financial resources, benefit from Emranian’s infrastructure and experiences, or the sub-companies in the group. 

We believe the meaning of this interaction is the exact concept of a family business. 


We intensely trust in the delegation of authority and distribution of power within the subsidiary of Emranian and their teams. This policy can be decisive yet vital for achieving the long-term goals and success of an organization. 

Organizational structure and strategic way-of-thinking implemented in this family business helped the member companies in the Emranian group to retain their individuality and independence. Hereupon we actively support the experts with teamwork skills, especially youngsters seeking Career advancement. These activities help us mutually to set bigger goals together. 

Unlike popular beliefs, the primary investment of Emranian Holding is not made in companies or their products but the people behind the companies. Experience has shown us that appropriate, capable, and team-oriented people can undoubtedly amend the shortcomings and problems of an organization. Still, the best theories, guidelines, and management practices cannot correct inappropriate and inefficient people.

Social responsibility

Emranian Family considers itself responsible for society, and we all believe that our success depends on awareness of what happenings around each of us.


Our family-owned business has become a family of successful companies whose corporate culture is characterized by ethical values. We believe in mutual responsibility and the strength of solidarity, which are the ultimate economic success ideas. 

We call it Family business.

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