Members of the Board of Directors of Emranian Holding

Mr. Mohammad Reza Emranian

Haj Seyed Mohammad Reza Emranian

Entrepreneur, craftsman, businessman, leader in charity and non-profit affairs

The late Haj Seyyed Mohammad Reza Emranian established the first industrial sugar production unit in Fars province during the World War and named the Emranian family as the most important name in the sugar industry in the south of the country.

The industrial complex that he founded is still operating as a successful production unit, and his strong and entrepreneurial spirit continues to create employment and healthy food production after half a century.

In 1986, he invested and held the position of Chairman of the Board, in the establishment of the Civil Partnership Company, which began to expand family business from production and industry to other fields such as industrial exports such as sugar and soy.

Family unity, honesty in business, honesty, evaluating investment risks and courage in making decisions are their spiritual and lasting memories in Emranian Trading Company, which the next generations consider themselves to adhere to these principles.

His other actions are participation in the construction of Dar Al-Shifa Charity Clinic and helping to build several schools, and so on.

Seyed Mohammad Bagher Emranian

Seyed Mohammad Bagher Emranian

He was born in 1951 in Shiraz, he completed his primary and secondary education in Shiraz and then graduated from the National University (Shahid Beheshti University) in the field of chemistry. After graduating in 1978 in the field of sugar industry and in 1988 with the establishment of the  Emranian Cooperative company and  following that the production unit in Chabahar, he has been engaged in the field of entrepreneurship. Now Emranian Cooperative Company is active in supporting and preparing the basic necessities of food industry raw materials production from all over the world.

Seyed Alireza Emranian

Entrepreneur, CEO

Born in February 1980, Shiraz

Graduated in Business Administration and International Trade

Experiences, capabilities and field of activity

  • Strategic management, international trade, supply chain management
  • Design and structuring of economic organizations
  • Mastery of food industry production knowledge

Executive records

 Shiraz Taban Company- Parsan Sugar Factory (from 1999 to 2013)

  • CEO/ Board Member/ Factory Manager

Parsan Chabahar Sugar Factory (from 2004 to 2008)

  • CEO/ Founder

 Emranian Cooperative Company

  • CEO (since 2013)


  • CEO- Founder (since 2013)

Awards and honors

  • Selected as a Top Entrepreneur by UNIDO-United Nations
  • Selected director, by the Ministry of Industries and Mines in the fourth festival of young producers

Seyed Amin Emranian- Chairman of the Board, Sales Manager

Born in April 1984, Shiraz 

Graduated from Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architectural Energy from the University of Tehran

Managerial capabilities and backgrounds

  • Domestic and international sales manager with more than 10 years of experience in selling specialized raw materials in the food industry
  • Able to negotiate and have strong relationships with partner companies as well as foreign and domestic customers of Emranian Holding
  • Another of their abilities is to promote and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty

Executive records

  • Chairman of the Board of Emranian Trading Company
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nik Peyman Daran Avae Amin Company
  • Founder and Director of Text Architecture Atelier

Currently, he is the sales manager of Nik Peyman Daran Avae Amin Company, which is called Imex brand.