Quality assurance and creative innovation with IMIX in Agrofood 2022

IMIX International Planning and Strategy for Active and Efficient Attendance at the International Exhibition of Agricultural, Food, Machinery and Related Industries “Iran Agrofood 2022” on 17-20 June 2022 at the Tehran International Exhibition Center to promote commercial goals And familiarity of domestic food industry producers with specialized raw materials of food industry

Attending national and international exhibitions, meetings and conferences is one of the most effective ways to introduce the brand, products, services and the latest technologies, as well as informing customers and the target community.

In this regard, the IMIX brand is already preparing for a colorful and strong presence in the 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural Industries, Food Industry Raw Materials, Machinery and Related Industries “Iran Agrofood 2022” at the permanent location of the largest international exhibitions in Tehran.

The active presence of manufacturing companies and food preparation and distribution centers in this exhibition will be a turning point for getting to know more related producers of these industries and offering quality products to the people present in the exhibition.

Tehran International Fairgrounds Hall 38